Product testing outsourcing with Ikonsys fosters agility and efficiency while meeting the high quality standards and demands of new customers, markets and geographies. With flexible engagement models,cutting-edge technologies and platforms and alliances with leading testing tools vendors we help you to expedite time to market, increase quality, and curtail costs.

We have robust expertise to undertake both localization and globalization testing to ensure that your products are relevant to the unique needs of local markets as well as new geographies. Ikonsys has been an integral part of many companies' ecosystem to test their suites of products thereby enabling them to concentrate on their core competencies and hence make them sustain their competitive advantages.

Our dedicated practice ensures comprehensive testing of highly complex and innovative products for superior product quality as we:
Industry best practices and proven methodologies to ensure measurable, outcome-oriented services
Leverage our global delivery model to provide you onsite, offsite, and multi shore testing services
Have expertise in a wide array of industry leading testing tools such as Clear Quest, Load Runner, WebLoad, e-Load, Rational Performance Tester, OpenSTA, QALoad, WinRunner, QTP, Selenium, E-Tester, Rational Robot, Silk Test QA Run, Microsoft HCT Test Suite, Test Director, Bugzilla
Have alliance with leading tool vendors and technology platforms to offer high business value and cost savings