What is iVZON?

iVZON is a unique eCommerce product which helps its users in increasing their sales and help them stay focused on their core business.

Cumulative data from Statista.com anticipates a 246.15% increase in worldwide e-commerce sales, from $1.3 trillion in 2014 to $4.5 trillion in 2021. That’s a nearly threefold lift in online revenue.

However, there is a huge competition in the eCommerce business world due to which it is becoming very challenging for a to business sustain for the long term with consistent growth.

Some of the major reasons for the failure of e-commerce business growth can be classified as below:

  • Emotional pricing
  • Lack of knowledge on pricing
  • Underestimating the competition
  • Bad website
  • Poor photography and others such reasons

Most of the eCommerce companies allow selling third-party products on their platform. In such cases, the images uploaded on the website might not be having clear resolution due to which it will be difficult for the customers to understand the product well. Good images are very important because customers cannot see the real item published on the website. All they can do is feel it through images alone and make a decision whether to purchase the product or not.

So bad images like image with low resolution, blurred images, incomplete images, inappropriate images need to be identified before they get uploaded on to the website so that any remedial steps can be taken such as improving the image or replacing the image with another one or avoiding the posting the inappropriate image etc.

To help businesses in this regard Ikonsys, has come up with a solution known as iVZON aka IMAGE PROCESSING SOLUTION which provides the following benefits to its clients:

  • Improve the image quality
  • Assigning the product category based on product images
  • Auto-generate the product description from the product image

Also pricing a product is one more essential factor for improving the sales on the eCommerce website. If the price of a product is not identified correctly then it can be overpriced or underpriced which can give room to the competitors to grab the business from others.

To address these issues iVZON provides a unique solution - Auto price recommendation. This solution helps business recommending an appropriate price range for the product based on market value. This will be done based on the image uploaded in the system and by comparing various prices with other sellers.

This removes any emotional pricing and helps new business owners who might not be having enough knowledge on product pricing as they may be new to the business or item line may be new in the market or business is dealing with an item for the first time.

IKONSYS has worked on finding out the solutions to address these major challenges which are contributing to the failure of very good business concepts in e-commerce world and finally came out with a proposal to build the above-mentioned product iVZON for eCommerce retail businesses.

This solution has high potential to become a necessity to most of the businesses because most of them want someone else to take care of this kind of issues so that they can concentrate on building their business further.

This solution is planned to be developed using latest and cutting technologies like data science, big data, machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, and other leading technologies.

Though there are other image processing solutions available in the market, there are other sets of unique functionalities provided by iVZON like automatic product description generation and automatic price recommendations which are the USP of this solution.

The product can be developed and start using it quickly to reach the breakeven point and start getting the ROI because of the Agile-Scrum development methodology that is planned to develop this application.